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Is a deposit required for rental?

A nonrefundable deposit equal to 25% of the total booking cost is required to reserve one of our luxury buses. Upon confirming the rental, a valid credit card must be on file and will be charged within 24-48 hrs. The deposit will be included in the total price.

What if we want to ride for longer than previously planned?

If you decide you want to ride longer than the scheduled time, you can continue your trip at the designated hourly rate for that bus. However, be aware that there may be other rentals after yours and continuing longer may not be possible.

What features does the bus have?

EF Party Buses are equipped with the most updated technology offering premium bluetooth surround sound audio, nightclub lighting, LED TV, DVD player, USBs, ice well, and dance poles to give you the best possible rider experience.

Is there a minimum amount of hours required to rent a bus?

We typically require a minimum of 4 hours on rentals but contact us and we may waive this for specific circumstances.

How does driver gratuity work?

Industry standard for driver gratuity is 20% of the total reservation cost and will be added to the booking automatically.

What is Allowed on the Buses

Can I consume alcohol on the bus?

Do we have to bring our own alcohol?

Are kids and guests under 21 allowed aboard?

Yes, if you are at least 21 years of age. It is the renters responsibility to make sure all passengers who consume alcohol while on the bus are 21 years or older.

Yes. BYOB. We have an ice well aboard to chill your booze. We also will provide a cooler if requested.

Absolutely! We welcome guests of all ages. But caution is advised when alcohol is present. We have zero tolerance for underage drinking.

Can I smoke on the bus?

No. Smoking/Vaping is not allowed. We ask that you please abide by this policy or a detailing fee of 150$ will be charged to the renters card on file.

Is food allowed aboard the bus?

What if someone vomits or urinates?

Yes. But everyone enjoys a clean bus. If we need to clean up any food messes an additional cleaning fee may be charged.

For every vomit incident during the trip there will be a $100 cleaning fee. For every urine incident during the trip there will be a $200 cleaning fee.

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